Siempre Natural® was born in 1989 in the City of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Before the first restaurant opened, the founders operated a successful convenience store; however, they wanted a business that would make a better contribution to society, and they searched for a different type of business opportunity.  As yogurt aficionados, they frequented a local yogurt shop where food was prepared behind a wall, where customers were left to wonder under what sanitary conditions food items were prepared. After months of research, a new and Original Yogurt recipe was born, giving way to a concept and a restaurant design plan where most of the food was prepared over the counter and customers could enjoy seeing their food being prepared. The new concept became a healthier alternative to the abundant “taquerias” and Mexican restaurants already in the area. At its inception, the original menu offered only yogurt, juices, shakes, and fruit cocktails but it quickly expanded into sandwiches and chicken salads. Today, Siempre Natural® services both sides of the South Texas border with locations in the cities of Reynosa, Mission, Pharr, Edinburg and soon to open in Mcallen, Texas.

Siempre Natural® embraces the celebration of food with our team, our customers, and the communities we serve. We conduct our business ethically, courteously, and in a cleaner environment than our competititors. We visualize our growth and success, develop our people, continually analyze our operations, and strive to improve our service and offerings.













Our Values

-Commitment to fresh, quality menu items

-Enjoyable work environment

-Support local communities

-Fair treatment of associates

-Training and development of employees

Siempre Natural® is a quick-service restaurant concept that can be typified as 'American with a Mexican flair', featuring soups, sandwiches, salads, “aguas frescas”, and yogurt. In Spanish, “agua fresca” literally means 'fresh water' and represents traditional natural beverages consumed in México. Because we emphasize freshness and quality, only fresh ingredients are used in the production of Siempre Natural® menu items. Customers at Siempre Natural® may choose to dine in the restaurant or take their order To-Go.  We’re open everyday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Our customers look for a reasonably priced , health-oriented menu, available days and evenings.


The Siempre Natural® concept appeals to consumers across a wide variety of professions and income ranges:


- Delicious fresh food and beverages at a reasonable price;


- Superior quick service for customer enjoyment; and


- A friendly and sociable atmosphere complete with a modern, stylish interior and ambiance that welcomes every customer.


Our brand personality establishes what a customer may expect at any Siempre Natural® Restaurant.


 The exterior of our locations promise what the interior delivers – We’re fresh and attractive. We offer a, great‐tasting, ‘American with a Mexican Flair’‐ themed menu. All delicious food items are prepared with quality ingredients and gracious service inside our restaurants; seven days a week.


 Familiarity– When customers come into a Siempre Natural® Restaurant, we strive to make them feel at home. From the greeting at the counter, to our menus and prompt service, we treat our customers as guests who know they are always welcome.


 We create high guest satisfaction – Our well‐trained employees go out of their way to welcome the customer into the restaurant, explain menu items, and dedicate themselves to make the entire dining experience pleasant for our guests. Our employees recognize they must be energized when providing service to a customer. Our staff lets our customers know the energy they sense comes from a clear dedication to ensuring their complete satisfaction.



The restaurant Manager embodies the “culture” of the restaurant with a cheerful, highly customer-focused, and profit-oriented attitude. His/her principal functions are ensuring unparalleled quality, service, food, planning, organizing and supervising the work and training of personnel, maintaining an established food and labor cost, and ensuring the acceptable profitability of the restaurant. The Manager has ultimate responsibility for the total restaurant with the assistance of the Assistant Manager. The Manager must not knowingly violate any laws or regulations and is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for staff and customers.

This includes being constantly aware of sanitation and food safety regulations. The Manager is responsible for providing everything needed for the restaurant’s team to enable them to perform their job responsibilities as laid out in their job descriptions. In some cases, the Siempre Natural® Franchisee will act as restaurant Manager.  The Manager, by performing his/her job description, should be constantly increasing the level of professionalism and service we provide in our restaurants. He/she should be looking for ways to increase sales and profits, create a happier crew, and delight guests. The Manager oversees all functions during peak business hours and assists to keep the restaurant running at high efficiency when and where needed.

Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager maintains the efficiency of the Siempre Natural® environment by supervising a shift when a Manager is not physically present. The Assistant Manager works hand-in-hand with all staff. The Assistant Manager oversees food preparation and cooking, and resolves any customer complaints. Assistant Managers are also responsible for monitoring the actions of their employees on a continual basis to ensure that health and safety standards are obeyed and to monitor customer satisfaction.


The primary responsibilities of the Cashier are to ring up sales, provide change, and take calls for phone-in orders as accurately and efficiently as possible. He greets the customer, inputs what the customer orders, and sends the order to the Bar Server or Kitchen Server through a printer. This person must have a pleasant personality, be able to smile, be able to make good eye contact, and be able to answer any questions a customer may have regarding the menu. If the Cashier is not busy taking an order, the Cashier answers the phone and takes orders over the phone. The Cashier also keeps the POS working.

Bar Server

The Bar Server is responsible for preparing aguas frescas, smoothies, fruit cocktails, and yogurts. This person must be able to prepare custom orders, because many customers want their orders made in a particular way. Presentation of these items is very important and the Bar Server must make sure all items look appealing. The Bar Server handles the fruits and must be very attentive when fruits need to be cut. This person is the intermediary between the Cashier and the Kitchen Server, and thus must always be aware of what customers order. Communication is essential between the Bar Server and the Cashier.

Kitchen Server

The primary responsibility of the Kitchen Server is to prepare food in a manner that is fast, friendly, and efficient, using Siempre Natural recipes and meeting all Siempre Natural standards and federal, state, and local regulations. Usually, there is a Kitchen Server for shift one and a Kitchen Server for shift two. The Kitchen Server in shift one sets up the sandwich unit (kitchen refrigerator) for his shift. This person must make sure enough quantities of all supplies he/she will need are stored in the kitchen refrigerator; in other words, back-ups are very important so that he will not run out of a particular supply during work hours, especially rush hour. The Kitchen Server also washes lettuce, prepares pre-weighed Caesar salads, and slices meat and cheese, among other things. Under limited supervision, the Kitchen Server oversees food production and purchases, and also may supervise one or more kitchen employees.

Soup & Salad Specialist

The Soup & Salad Specialist’s (S&SS) main responsibility is to prepare the eight salads available at the salad bar and the soups of the day. However, during rush hours he/she helps others at the bar, kitchen, or by cleaning tables or taking out trash. A typical day includes cleaning, cooking, and shredding chicken; also, cooking the soups of the day, and other ingredients that go into the salads such as potatoes, carrots, etc. After the harder work is done, vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients are diced, chopped, cut, etc. It is as important to monitor the freshness of the salads on a daily basis as it is to prepare the salads.

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